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    5 pages. Industrial fluid power and hydraulic pressure intensification are discussed in detail in this informative paper. Information includes such things as useful applications of fluid power, types of intensifiers and intensifier construction. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    WHAT IS FLUID POWER? Like its name implies, fluid power is the use of a pressurized fluid to produce energy. This pressurized fluid is most oftentimes liquid or  gas. Hydraulic fluid power is the use of pressurized fluid such as water or oil, while pneumatic power is that which uses a neutralized gas or compressed air.  The use of fluid power can also be successfully coupled with other types of power such as "sensors, transducers and microprocessors" (NFPA 2002, PG). It is Pascals Law that explains  the theory of fluid power. "Pressure exerted by a confined fluid acts undiminished equally in all directions" (NFPA 2002, PG). In other words, an "input force of 10  pounds on a 1-square-inch piston develops a pressure of 10 pounds per square inch (psi) throughout the container. This pressure will allow a 10-square-inch piston to support a 100-pound weight.  The forces are proportional to the piston areas" (NFPA 2002, PG). USEFUL APPLICATIONS Some of the more well-known ways that hydraulic fluid power is used are in such applications  as concrete saws, flying cutoff shear, rough terrain forklifts, and flight simulators. Fluid power is oftentimes used in excavating and transporting materials such as would be found at a construction  site in their backhoes, tractors, graders, etc. Industrial uses for fluid power include all manner of industrial machines used to power the transmission and motion control. The aerospace  industry is yet another place fluid power is used quite commonly as seen by the use of flight controls, brake assemblies, landing gear, and much more. HYDRAULIC PRESSURE INTENSIFICATION  "A garage car lift is more like a hydraulic jack. Thats because pressurized fluid is used as the transfer medium and extends continuously from the input "piston" to 

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