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    Interpreting and Interview About ICT

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    This 4 page paper uses an interview supplied by the student to assess the impact of information and communications technology (ICT) for an individual with reference to different theories concerning areas of consumption and identity, power relations, social relationships and ICT as a mediator. The biobliography cites 6 sources.

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    this in an extensive manner today for both social and professional purposes. With this in mind we can argue that this respondent is a consumer of technology, using initially as  a result of a partner to help produce VCs for jobs, later to change careers and develop a language programme, that can be subsequently consumed by others. Finally there is  the use of ICT by the local theatre group who also use the resources for their own benefit. Their is also reference to the use of ICT as a consumable  product by the respondents daughters. If we look at theorys of consumption are numerous, but we can look at that of Rob Kling, here there is a disagreement with  the often quoted theories of Zuboff regarding the inevitable transformation of society. The theory put forward by Kling (1992) is that there may be changes, but the changes will depend  on the consumer and how they choose to make use of ICT. The use that the respondent has gained from the consumption of ICT has been a transformation, one that  has seen her change jobs as well as facilitating the way that the local theatre group is run. However this was not a predicable change as may be expected if  we were to apply the theories of Clark (et al, 1988). In terms of identify there are many theories that consider who we are and how we define ourselves  with reference to jobs and to tasks. In several areas of the interview the respondent sees herself as a teacher and a wife, however the ICT may be seen as  having little to do with that and the use of ICT may be seen as helping the respondent create a hew way of seeing herself and therefore the outward and 

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