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    Interviewing My Grandmother and Contemplating Time Changes

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    In six pages the evolution of family, education, and society through structural and technological changes are considered in the lives of a woman who was born in the 1920s, her daughter, and granddaughter and the emphasis is on the decline of societal mores. There are four sources cited in the bibliography.

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    the pages of textbooks. It can be found reflected in practically every aspect of our lives, in fact. One of these reflections is in the life experiences of  our ancestors. Our grandparents often provide a particularly vivid image of the impacts of history. For this paper I have interviewed my seventy-seven year old grandmother. Born  in August, 1924, she has lived through many of the most important moments of the twentieth century. These life experiences has shaped not only her past, however, but also  her expectations for the future. My grandmother grew up on a farm near Boston. She later lived in a small town only  twenty miles north of Boston. It was there, in fact, that she married and raised her three children, one of whom was my mother. Today, my grandmother lives  alone in a house which she has owned and live in for the past thirty years. Always eager for company, my grandmother has provided me with an insight not  only on one of my immediate family members but also on the manner in which the world which we share has changed quite radically since the 1920s. These changes  are evident in such personal aspects of our lives such as family life and religious belief and practice as well as such societal aspects as education, technology, popular culture and  the community as a whole. What quickly becomes evident is that the country that I have inherited is quite different than that which my grandmother envisioned leaving me.  My grandmother came from a large, close-knit family of a mother and father, several brothers and sisters, and numerous extended family members. This 

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