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    Is Globalism Eroding National Sovereignty

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    This 3 page paper looks at the concept of sovereignty in order to assess whether or not the trend of globalization may be seen as undermining the power of the nation state and reduce their power to act uninhibited. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

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    of sovereignty was set up following the thirty years war under the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 where the nation state alone had authority to act within their boarders (Krasner,  1999). It may be argued that ever since the concept of the sovereignty of the nation state has been under pressure and has been subject to changing ideas and perceptions  as international relationships have changed and evolved (Biersteker and Weber, 1996). With the rise of globalism and the development of international organizations such as the United Nations (UN) and international  agreements there has been the potential to undermine and erode the concept of sovereignty. When consider whether there has been erosion, the starting point is to assess the original  concept of severity. The basic concept of sovereignty under the Westphalian agreement was that the nation state was a "political organization based on the exclusion of external actors from authority  structures within a given territory" (Krasner, 1999, p4). This is a clear vision of the nation state being the ultimate power holder with the exclusion of other actors and a  non intervention approach seen as the norm (Hashmi, 1997). Hinsley (1986) defines this concept as one where the state has the final and absolute power in their territory with no  other similar power existing. When looking at the way international organizations have developed the erosion of sovereignty may be seen as gradually as an eviction rather than a revolution.  The development of international law has been gradual and increased the pressures on countries to comply with international agreements. Nation states have chosen to be bound by international agreements, seeing  the benefit of international compliance. This has occurred in numerous areas from the International Convention of Human Rights, through to environmental law and trade agreements. These approaches introduced the potential 

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