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    Jonathan Swift's 'Gulliver's Travels' And 'A ModestProposal': Satire, Tone, Diction, Irony, Argument And Syntax

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    5 pages in length. The writer discusses satire, tone, diction, irony, argument and syntax as they relate to the two stories. No additional sources cited.

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    about how the world would be according to the authors consistently biting tone. By providing a sociological insight to the possibilities brought forth from within the satirical nuances Gullivers  Travels and A Modest Proposal, Swift has offered a fascinating -- if not highly extraordinary -- look into many of the unattractive aspects of humanity. It is important for  the student to consider the fact that the authors satirical works serve as a contemplative yet comical look at how mankind has come to overestimate his own value as a  singular entity amidst an enormous universe. There is no doubt that Swifts intention when penning these obscure glimpses at humanitys shortcomings was to serve as a wake up call  for societys ills. It may have been his hope that both Gullivers Travels and A Modest Proposal would become instrumental in forcing civilization to take a closer look at  where it is headed in the overall scheme of existence upon this earth. II. ACTUAL IMPACT UPON READER In spite of the  fact that Swift portrays his characters as living within a functional society, it is apparent they are existing in just the opposite environment. One only needs to evaluate the  various and sundry obscurities that represent such a supposedly functional society to realize that this was yet another of the authors attempts to poke fun at reality. It is  important for the student to consider the fact that through his use of syntax and diction, Swift demonstrates how one of the easiest things in life is to deviate from  what is considered to be normal; in fact, it is often considerably more difficult to remain on a straight and narrow path with the myriad obstacles that appear in daily 

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