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    Jury Duty Aversion

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    A 12 page research paper that examines and discusses various aspects of a hypothetical research study proposal to investigate why people wish to avoid jury duty. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    that people will go so far as to cancel their voter registration to avoid jury duty, believing that voter records provided the lists for jury selection. Second example :  According to a 2004 poll conducted by the American Bar Association, most Americans believe profoundly in the jury system, as 75 percent of those responding indicated that they believe jury  service to be important (Jury duty, 2004). Nevertheless, judges are typically swamped with requests to be excused from performing this civic duty. 2. Introductory paragraph Serving on a jury  is an integral component of American jurisprudence. In general, if asked, Americans will indicate their approval of the jury system, which brings up the question of why people are reluctant  to serve on juries and why they will endeavor to be excused. While research investigations have explored many aspects of jury selection and decision making, empirical investigation into jury aversion  has been scarce. 3. Examples of introductions from scholarly journal articles First example : After first outlining the belief that jury aversion and voting registration are related, researchers identify  the study problem by saying: "Whether these tales are isolated anecdotes or reflect widespread public attitudes can be resolved by survey research, which also can help evaluate proposals for reform  of jury selection procedures" (Oliver and Wolfinger, 1999, p. 147). Second Example : "Jury service in the United States is both compulsory and yet distributed to some but not  others in a non-systematic way" (Rose, 2005, p. 601). PART II 1. Qualitative purpose statement : The purpose of this ethnographic study will be to discover the  central reasons for why individuals endeavor to be excused from jury duty. At this stage of the research, the motivations will be generally defined as an individuals cognitive beliefs pertaining 

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