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    Key Factors of a Successful Strategic Spatial Planning; The London Plan as a Case Study

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    This 11 page paper looks at the key factors needed for any spatial planning to be successful and effective. The subject of these key factors is discussed with reference made to a range of developments including the United Nations and the international developments. With a definition of the needs for successful planning the new spatial planning strategy for London, containing in the “London Plan” are used as a case study and assessed. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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    There are many conflicting need seen in any environment, meeting all needs will never be possible, but to create a sustainable and productive environment that meet physical and social needs  for its occupants and users the use of an holistic plan is essential. Spatial planning goes beyond the usual boundaries associated with planning and it is the focal point of  the development strategy for London known as the London Plan, which we may argue is an effective spatial plan. To access this we first need to define what the  crown sees as a definition of spatial planning, this is stated as "Spatial planning goes beyond traditional land use planning to bring together and integrate policies for the development  and use of land with other policies and programmes which influence the nature of places and how they function. This will include policies which can impact on land use by  influencing the demands on, or needs for, development, but which are not capable of being delivered solely or mainly through the granting or refusal of planning permission and which may  be implemented by other means" (UK Government, 2005) In 2000 there was a process started that is still ongoing regarding the development  of a successful spatial plan. This process of spatial planning for London was not the first plan but it is the most recent and one that meets the closet criteria  given for the definition of spatial planning above. The city that has been in existence for many centuries, seen by any  as a focal point of business has also suffered form under investment over the last few decades, leading to areas of poverty and poor infrastructure and others of relative opulence. 

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