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    Latin America and the Dollar's Viability

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    In thirty four pages the pros and cons of Latin American 'dollarization' are analyzed. Twenty eight sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    America. The idea of a united currency is explored and the euro is used as an example. The paper concludes that full dollarization is a good idea for the nations  of Latin America. Bibliography lists 28 sources. SA204dln.rtf A B S T R A C T Positive and negative aspects of dollarization of Latin America are explored  and many examples are provided for both positions. The concept is defined, a simple definition being the substitution of currency, but one can see that there are different aspects of  the practice and dollarization is by no means simple. The paper ultimately concludes that dollarization in Latin America is an idea that should be implemented wholeheartedly. Part of the support  for the position goes to the fact that globalization is a reality and that Latin American nations have been more aligned with the U.S. in recent years. The idea  is compared with the advent of the euro and while they are admittedly two different ideas, in two very different regions, some support comes from the idea of a united  currency as a general concept. The conclusion emphasizes that Latin American nations will do well with full dollarization and the countries should not let pride or fear get in the  way of going forth with the idea. I. Introduction Dollarization is a phenomenon that needs to be explored in depth. It is a rather simple concept  but in order to discuss this phenomenon intelligently, it is prudent to define the idea first. What is dollarization exactly? Full Dollarization means that a nation has abandoned its  own currency in favor of another nations currency either as a means of payment or as a unit of account ("Dollarization," 2002). It means that a nations entire currency 

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