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    Legal Analysis: Case Study Related to Constitutional Protections

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    This 20 page paper looks at the fourth, fifth, fourteenth and fifteenth amendments as it pertains to a case of possible racial profiling and harassment. The facts of this fictitious case, submitted by a student, are briefly relayed. The amendments are discussed in depth, with applicable case law, and then the situation is carefully evaluated. A section regarding changes since 911 is also provided. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

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    the truncating of rights and an abandonment of Constitutional guarantees, many agree with new tactics that allow officials to act first and ask questions later. The public applauds passengers who  take the law into their own hands. No one wants to be victimized again. At the same time, there have been true victims of the natural tendency to profile. People  of Middle Eastern backgrounds, who may in fact be innocent, law abiding, American citizens, have been treated unfairly. Many understand the reasons why, but it does not make it much  easier for the victims of such harassment. Further, there have been a few murders in the shadow of 911 because of the anger that Americans feel, an anger that is  directed against Muslims. Shortly after the attacks, President Bush announced that people should not be hostile to Muslims. After all, it is only a rogue faction that the nation is  after. Yet, a bit over a year since the attacks, the war on terror has expanded to Iraq and there had been new legislation passed to make sure that the  government can tap any phone in the nation it wants. While certainly some freedoms are compromised, many Americans prefer this state to one where fear is in the air. Certainly,  giving up a few rights is necessary. Of course, not everyone thinks so, and further, although some rights are forfeited, the most important rights of citizens remain intact. Non citizens  who reside in America of course have fewer rights. Still, while people are nervous, there is no excuse for racial profiling or overreacting. An example of an overreaction is  if a student calls in information about a bomb threat and claims his teacher, who is Muslim, is planning to blow up the school. Should the police rush in and 

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