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    Literature Review : Education In Canada

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    This 9 page paper provides a review of 10 articles/book chapters supplied by the student. The articles deal with issues such race and disability discrimination in higher education, educational theories, knowledge and power and a number of other issues. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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    degrees exceeded the proportion of the population with less and a Grade Nine education. This is evidence of the growing importance formal education plays in the Canadian society. This is  the first important point in this chapter. The second main point has to do with the importance of sociological inquiry into all disciplines and, for this text, particularly the role  of this type of inquiry into educational issues. The reason or basis for this premise is the correlation and integration of formal educational institutions into the very heart of the  society. After describing different sociological perspectives, the author explains this text draws from "four interrelated forms of critical analysis" (Wotherspoon, 2004, p. 13) that have been especially influential in  analyzing education. These are "critical pedagogy, feminist pedagogy, anti-racism education and political economy" (Wotherspoon, 2004, p. 13). The author provides a background for the reader by offering a brief explanation  of these four perspectives. While intended as an introduction to the text, the author has described the very issues all educations know they deal with daily. Each of the four  types of analytic perspectives is an issue that is relevant in both sociological inquiry and educational inquiry. The concept of education has changed in many ways over the last three  decades. The greater diversity in our schools has resulted in new curriculum and instructional methodologies. Weatherspoon hints at these changes in this chapter. The very fabric of society has been  changing and this is definitely reflected in our educational system. Review #2. Weatherspoon, Chapter 2. In the very first paragraph, Wotherspoon (2004) makes a critical point - research related to  any and every aspect of education abounds but the research is undertaken by individuals from many different disciplines. There is so much research, there is really no unifying theory or 

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