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    This 7 page paper is based on a case study supplied by the student. The paper outlines the budgeting process at Lomita hospital. Looks at who is responsible, considers why the request for additional funding for a laboratory technician was turned down when there was an obvious need and suggests some changes that could be made to improve the system. The bibliography cites 1 source.

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    off with projections for each department. The projects are based on the number of patient days that were likely to be served and the use of the related services with  those days. The associated services, such as the number of tests, are calculated as a multiplier to use with the patient days by the accounting department. These projections were  based on past figures and were then able to be adjusted by the chief of each department. In the Lomita case Dr Russell in the Chief of Pathology. If  the chiefs wanted to adjust the figures they have to show how and why their adjustments are more accurate. The task could also be undertaken by the chief of each  departments administrator. This would result in the requirement of the accounting department and the department to agree on a projected level of volume. The volume level would then be used  to calculate the projected income and costs. When this was calculated by the accounting department the department concerned could then contest numbers based on the experience of the past  year. The process used to calculate the costs was based on past experience as well as on the projections of the distribution of the different types of procedure; the result  is a weighted average cost calculation. The department must contest this if the so not feel it is right as they are held to be responsible for both the projections  of volume and costs. If there were to be changes to the departments budget these would have to be authorised by the Fiscal Affairs Department and by Mr Gundersen  who is head of Laboratory Administration as he was reporting directly to the Associate Director of Administrative Services. This authorisation was required as any changes to the status and requisition 

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