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    Low Income Schools and Technological Restraints

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    In eight pages this paper considers the attainment of educational objectives and the importance of technology in achieving them in a consideration of how low income schools that cannot spend much on technology are adversely affected. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    I. Introduction A. Infiltration of technology into the classroom B. Technological restraints  as a result of inadequate funding C. Question of whether or not technological restraint has an adverse impact on the education goal  II. The Debate on the Value of Computers as an Educational Tool A. Computer Commonly Accepted Yet Value Debated 1.  Critics contend no research evidences value 2. Teachers inept in use of computers III. Defining Educational Goals A. Transmission of knowledge B. Preparation of  children for adult roles in life C. Value of Computers in Meeting goals IV. Are Computers Effective in Education? A. Body of Research Attesting to Effectiveness  V. Conclusions A. Technology is an integral part of meeting the educational goal B. Inadequate funding in regard to technology has the potential for an adverse  impact on education Introduction As in most aspects of our lives technology has made  its way into the very fabric of the way we teach our children. The majority of classrooms now have access to a variety of forms of cutting edge technology,  especially computers. Some educational environments, however, have access to considerably more advanced and prolific technology than do others. Low income schools simply dont have the resources to invest  in equipment which is not absolutely necessary to perform the function of providing a basic education to their students. The intent of this paper is to address the impact 

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