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    Luis Valdez's 'Los Vendidos'

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    This paper of 5 pages in length offers a feminist critique and also examines the thematic components of setting, irony, conflict, and symbolism. There are 4 additional sources cited in the bibliography.

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      "Los Vendidos" by Luis Valdez Research Compiled By Julie A. Rodgers - October 2001 -- for more information on  using this paper properly! Introduction Luis Valdez play "Los Vendidos" is a very comical examination of a very serious reality which has, and still does, concern the Latin American  population of the United States. It is also a play which offers an incredible amount of insight into those realities. The play is about the mistreatment towards, and the stereotypes  placed upon, Mexicans and Mexican Americans. Bearing in mind that this is a complex subject, addressed by a comical and complex play, we present the following paper which briefly touches  upon many aspects of the conditions and the play. The paper begins with a feminist criticism, and then moves o to discuss literary elements such as symbolism, irony, conflict, and  setting. The paper then finishes with an examination of a criticism of Valdez play. Feminist Criticism In all honesty, this play does not involve women to a very  large degree. As such, the feminist qualities are vague and incredibly subtle. The only woman in the play is Miss Jimenez. She is a very powerful character, however, for she  is of Mexican heritage but insists that her name be pronounced as American. That is the "J" sounds like a "J" and not a "H." She has rid herself of  her heritage. This is an aspect of the production that seems to address the Americanization of Mexicans rather than a comment directed towards women. But, if we are to look 

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