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    This 15-page paper focuses on why colleges should develop marketing plans and stragegies. Topics under discussion include SWOT and PEST analysis, as well as some recommendations for a ficitious college. Bibliography lists 19 sources.

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    many of these institutions -- some of whom have been around for more than a century -- are having to close their doors. But it doesnt have to be  this way -- educational institutions, if they bring themselves up to the 21st century in terms of their ability to reach out to students and the community, could actually do  quite well. But this means therefore, is applying marketing principles to universities. While many institutions of higher learning are certainly applying  some marketing principles, just as many schools are reluctant to market, believing that the very term - marketing - somehow cheapens their efforts or is more of a business, rather  than academic, tool (Harvey, 1995). In this paper, we will examine the importance of marketing a small, private school. Although  the school have no name and his actually a fictitious one, it certainly can represent any educational institution that is facing problems of dwindling enrollment in dwindling resources. We  will examine certain marketing tools that the school could possibly use, then at the end of the paper pose some recommendations as to how the school can best market itself.  Why Market? Even as far back at his 1992, USA Today Magazine indicated that "colleges today must draw on a dwindling population  of young people, yet assemble a diversified student body that reflects the institutional character" (Anonymous, 1992). But why has this been necessary? Why have colleges found themselves in  the position of having to market products to an audience that once would have accepted such products -- not to mention the fees and it would take to receive those 

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