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    Maritime Nature of the European Empires and The New World

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    This 5 page paper takes a look at Alfred T. Mahan's 'The Influence of Sea Power upon History' and talks about the importance of sea power. Both old European Empires and the New World are discussed. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    But there is more to it than that. Mahans (1987) volume is a classic work on this subject. Admiral Mahans work speaks authoritatively on the maritime foundations of the  British Empire and he offers general principles of naval strategy and tactical descriptions of battles and campaigns as well. Mahans (1987) six principles which highlight the strength  of sea power provide a wonderful paradigm for anyone studying the building of empires and the power of the sea. According to the author, strong seapower is defined by its  geographic location as well as its physical features. This is a rather common observation as strategy depends on not only where a certain country is located but also based on  the terrain. For example, Vietnam was deemed to be the horror that it ended up to be due to the fact that it was fought in the jungle. This was  unlike many other wars fought in and around cities. The author also cites four other elements which denote whether or not a place can embrace the notion of strong seapower.  Mahan (1987) lists territorial issues, population size, character of the populous and governmental policy. All of things come into play when assessing the strength of any particular maritime city.  Location is not everything. By listing a multitude of items, Mahan makes clear that the idea of capturing other countries by using the seashores is not all that easy. Many  political and practical factors come into play. How many men are willing to fight? Who is available to man the home fires? There are a variety of things that need  to be considered which is the gist of Mahans book. In evaluating why the initial statement suggested that the European Empires in the New World are maritime, one must get 

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