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    Marketing New Government Backed Student Loans

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    This 33 page paper is an outline and marketing campaign for the development and promotion of a new government backed student loan. The paper starts by looking at the role of marketing and the background to government backed financial products before looking at the new product, considering the advantages and disadvantages as well as performing a SWOT analysis and then presenting a potential marketing campaign with a marketing budget of £4 million. The bibliography cites 17 sources.

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    that have not yet been completed, however these may be subject to change or amendment as the paper is written. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 1. Introduction 2  2. The Role of Marketing 5 2.1 Definition of Marketing 6 2.2 The Goals of Marketing 7 2.3 Formulating Marketing 8 3. Background to Government Financial Products 10 3.1 The Early Developments 10 3.2 The Current Context 12 3. The New Student Loan 13 3.1 Product Description 13  3.2 The Potential Perception of the Product 13 3.2.1 Advantages 13 3.2.2 Disadvantages 13 3.3 SWOT Analysis 13 4. The Marketing Campaign 13 4.1 The Message 13 4.2 The Medium 13 4.3 Campaign Costing 13 References 13 Executive  Summary The paper presents a marketing plan to support a new student loan to be launched by the government. The marketing takes place within a political and a social  environment, where it is important to the government that they gain wide scale political support for the strategy in order to avoid alienation of voters and to support their potential  to be re-elected as well as create a student loan product that will be suitable, accepted and viable in the long term. The marketing will also play an informative role  to those who will be directly impacted. In order to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign it important that the concept go marketing is understood and the context of government  backed financial products is considered to guide the way that the future marketing for the student loans can be undertaken in an effective manner. This section to  be completed/edited when paper is finished 1. Introduction The UK has a strong history of government backed financial products, with the use of different forms of products and backing  strategies. The development of the welfare state and its subsequent reforms have been made up of different approaches to financial products, including the assumption of responsibility on the part of 

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