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    Marketing Proposal for the World Wildlife Fund

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    AThis 22 page paper proposes a new marketing campaign for the World Wildlife Fund to increase revenues. The promotion is based on a low cost subscription web cam service. The paper presents a situational analysis, including three sample personas of potential target markets, looks at the market place and positioning of the charity and then uses the 4 P’s of Product, price, placement and promotion to present the new campaign. A budget, key success factors potential and measurements of success are all included. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

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    Ms 19 4. Budget 20 References 22 Figure 1 Positioning map for WWF 13 Figure 2 start-up costs 20 Figure 3 Two year budget 20 1. Executive Summary The World Wildlife Fund are competing with  many other charities for donations, a task that is increasingly challenging, especially during a global recession, with a high level of competition and increasing exposure with potential donors to that  competition through a wide range of media. In order to create a long-term revenue stream, which also satisfies the objectives of the organizations general message to influence and educate as  well as take direct action, the proposal is for a new type of subscription service. The World Wildlife Fund for launch a  subscription only WebCams service, with a number of WebCams located throughout the world on interesting locations associated with the world wildlife fund, such as on conservation projects, wildlife reserves to  supported by the organization or other appropriate visas. The service will cost a minimum amount; $3.99 per month, with no minimum subscription term, making it affordable even in a recession,  and unlikely to be continued if this service is not being used to its fullest extent. The service will be promoted through  a strategic alliance with a television channel that has the same target market; such as National Geographic, supported by a number of television programs make joint between the world wildlife  fund and television production company. So the support will be provided for direct marketing from the website including e-mail, as well as the use of complementary approaches including billboards in  general public relations exercises. The company will breakeven at the end of the first year, by the end of the second year should generate $1 million in revenues. 2. Situational Analysis 

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