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    Mazda - Positioning a Product Line (Case Study Analysis in Q&A Format)

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    This 8 page paper answers four questions asked about Maze's marketing campaigns. Mazda6 and Protege are two vehicles of focus. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    AUTOMOBILES? The role of the IMC came to fruition in the middle of the 1990s. This is when Mazdas new leaders realized that the image and brand was  "all over the place" as it did not have a stable image or brand association ("Mazda: Positioning a Product Line," 2006). In other words, Mazda would focus on the features  of its different cars without attention to centering and coming up with a common theme ("Mazda: Positioning a Product Line," 2006). This is something that would create a weaker position  for the company. Today, the zoom-zoom is synonymous with Mazda. It is a great campaign because it is recognizable and catchy. Children seem to like it too, which scores points  in a business that sells to a child-centered nation. The industry actually markets some products in that manner. In marking the Prot?g?, the opposite tact to the Mazda6 was taken.  Mazda6 was marketed to an older, more sophisticated crowd. Prot?g? would be marketed to both empty nesters and young adults looking for inexpensive cars ("Mazda: Positioning a Product Line," 2006).  In general, it would take a fun approach to marketing this automobile ("Mazda: Positioning a Product Line," 2006). The focus was on the young adults. It seems that Mazda, for  this vehicle, did address the customer base as an essential element but it does not appear that enough feedback was retained from the customers themselves. Nevertheless, the marketing program was  a success ("Mazda: Positioning a Product Line," 2006). Did Mazda do the right thing by focusing on the younger crowd? Of course, there is something to be said for marketing  in a fun way as it can be for any age group. Often, the term fun is used in respect to the younger set, but empty nesters are in the 

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