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    A 5 page paper that presents an analysis based on a case study provided by the student. Topics include background of the company, SWOT analysis, Porter's Five Forces analysis, strategies used by the company and recommendations for issues and challenges the company faces. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    case study presented, Jim skinner was CEO. Skinner was the second person to take over after the former CEO, Cantalupo, had a fatal heart attack three years earlier. Prior to  Cantalupo, CEO Michael Quinlan was fired with Jack M. Greenberg taking his place. Greenberg focused on acquiring smaller competitors. This misplaced needed fiscal resources to other expenses. The company decreased  the amount of training they gave new hires and headquarters did not do as many inspections of the franchises. After Greenberg left, the company brought back Vice-Chairmen Cantalupo who had  retired. Cantalupo and his management team devised a turnaround plan for the company. It included tougher enforcement for franchisees stores and focused on getting back to the basics of what  made the restaurant so popular in the first place. This plan has been carried through by Skinner and progress is evident. McDonalds was experiencing a decline in the market, which  could have been due to their rapid expansion in the 1990s. What happened was that the company just got sloppy and negligent about monitoring the characteristics that built their brand  name, quality, service and low cost. Gross revenue in 2008 was (mil) $ 23,522.4, net income was $4,313.2; Gross revenue for 2007 was $22,786.6; net income was $ 2,395  (Hoovers, 2009). This reflected a slight increase in revenue between 2207 and 2008. SWOT ANALYSIS: McDonalds greatest strength for decades has been its brand, which stands for low  cost, family, quality and service. Consumers concerns and tastes have changed. McDonalds recognized this and changed it menu, which it continues to revise. New offerings included healthier food, which is  needed to compete in todays market. The company has demonstrated some weaknesses that fall under the heading of rash moves or poor strategic planning. When a company is successful, they 

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