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    Memorandum to Hillary Clinton

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    This 9 page paper is based on the supposition that Hillary is indeed making a white house run and wants to focus on religion as an issue. Policy proposals are created and a sample speech is provided. The Locke v. Davey case is a focus of discussion. No bibliography.

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    stump speeches in addition to outlining two or three key legislative or policy proposals. All of the information is based upon capturing the Americans inclination to faith, but should not  appear as if she is pandering. Rather the rhetoric would prove that she is honing in on her own sincere religious beliefs. By carefully appealing to religious folks, but not  alienating others, she requests a memo to include such speech materials as well as new policy. That memo is as follows: December 11, 2003 Dear Senator Clinton:  In response to your request, I have taken the liberty to draft a speech that may be used in its entirety or in portions as you like. First, however,  I would like to render a few policy proposals regarding religion and the state which have been crated based on our numerous discussions as well as my own research:  The State will not interfere with religion as it touches education in any locality. This policy would preclude any state government from embarking on a crusade to separate church  and state. This policy would further give all towns and localities the right to display holiday decorations at their will, so that they do not live in fear of violating  the "separation of church and state" doctrine that is really a fallacy. The government is simply supposed to refrain from creating law that might be indicative of an official religion.  The United Sates is in no danger of that. Although some atheists and civil libertarians have opposed the allowance of any religious activity in the schools, the reality is  that most school systems do embrace caroling and holiday concerts that include an array of religious songs form various religions. Communities continue to allow this despite the attitude that doing 

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