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    Moral Duty and Physical Fitness

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    In 7 pages this paper evaluates the correctness of a moral duty, exercise, and physical fitness logical proposition. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

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      In order to consider the way in which the statement all physical fitness exercises are moral duties can be analysed, it would be necessary to define all of the  terms which are incorporated into the statement: for example, what could be seen as constituting a moral duty, who would be obliged to conform to such duties, what is implied  by the term physical fitness and so on.  Pudendorf, cited in the Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, considered that the concepts of rights and duties were intimately correlated. From this point of view, it  can be asserted that every right which an individual possesses is balanced by a corresponding duty on the part of other individuals. If, for instance, one individual has the right  to own a particular item then this involves an implicit duty on the part of others not to steal the item,and this is something which applies to all individuals in  a particular society.  Pudendorf also makes a distinction between perfect and imperfect duties: the duty not to steal, for instance, is something which is clearly defined and which constitutes a consistent obligation: it  is not situational, and therefore this is a perfect duty. There is no occasion on which it would be considered morally right to steal and therefore there is no situational 

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