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    A 9 page paper that discusses MphasiS BFL Limited, a company in India that offers business process outsourcing (BPO), information technology (IT) and software development services. The writer provides an overview of the company and comments on why it is ripe for merger or acquisition. The paper discuses three possible futures for the company and then provides a SWOT analysis. The recent offer from EDS is reported. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

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    include technical help-desk services. The company says it "specializes in multi-channel solutions, which optimize sales and service processes from a cost and quality perspective" (MphasiS, (2006). The company emphasizes  banking and financial service institutions but also works with airlines, retail and logistics, technology and utilities industries (MphasiS, (2006). MphasiS provides its services in India, China, Mexico and the United  States and has over 8500 employees (MphasiS, (2006). Its level of quality is reflected in various certifications and quality initiatives that include ISO 9000, BS 7799, CMMi Level 5 rating  and Six Sigma quality initiatives (MphasiS, (2006). MphasiS has acquired other companies, including Kshema Technologies for $20 million, Princeton in the United Kingdom for $10 million and Eldorado Computing  in the U.S. for $16 million (rediff.com India Limited, 2005). They also merged BFL Ltd and MphasiS (rediff.com India Limited, 2005). Nonetheless, the companys growth strategy is inorganic instead of  organic (rediff.com India Limited, 2005). Its very success makes MphasiS, a Tier-Two company, an excellent target for merger with or acquisition by a Tier-One company (Indian Express Group, 2002). Their  greatest success is in their BPO services, their software services are not doing that well (Indian Express Group, 2002). Tier-One players would gain a great deal from merging with or  acquiring MphasiS, such as system integration expertise, blue chip customers, like Citibank, Charles Schwab, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, and others (Indian Express Group, 2002). A Tier-One company would also gain  a strong front-end in developed countries, such as the United States, Europe and Japan (Indian Express Group, 2002). Some of its clients for logistics include companies like FedEx and P&G  (Indian Express Group, 2002). Furthermore, MphasiS continues to add new high-value customers (Indian Express Group, 2002). They also count among their clients British Telecom and Marks & Spencer in the 

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