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    Multinational Enterprise Growth and Influence of Global Financial Markets

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    In sixteen pages this paper examines multinational company growth and the positive influence that can result from global financial markets with a Dow Chemicals case study considered. Fourteen sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    The pull of globalization of business is strong, and it can be highly rewarding for those organizations that approach it correctly and cautiously. The growth of  international financial markets has increased along with rates of globalization, benefiting multinational organizations in their efforts to grow and expand their businesses. Growth of International Financial Markets  Several years ago, Britains The Economist reported that in the late 1980s, "about $190 billion passed through the hands of currency traders in New York, London  and Tokyo every day. By 1995 daily turnover had reached almost $1.2 trillion" (Capital goes global, 1997; p. 87). Private capital movement increased at much the same rate.  In 1990, about $50 billion in private capital flowing into emerging markets; by 1996 that amount had increased to $336 billion (Capital goes global, 1997). That trend slowed some  after the advent of the Asian currency crisis in 1997, but it slowly recovered to begin its inexorable growth once again. The effects  of the slowdown engendered by the Asian currency crisis can be seen in the report of Cetina and Bruegger (2002), who speak to the growth of foreign exchange markets:  "With an average daily turnover in traditional global foreign exchange instruments of $1.5 trillion in April 1998, up from $1.2 trillion in 1995 and $36.4 billion in 1974, they have  proved to be the fastest-growing and most important element in the shaping of the global structure of financial markets over the past decade" (p. 905). Further, these foreign exchange  instruments represent only one segment of international financial markets. "Global financial markets are recent phenomena that embrace global capital and commodity markets, as well as foreign exchange markets" (Cetina 

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