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    This 50 page paper looks at the positioning of the Nokia brand in China and how successful Nokia’s marketing and strategy has been in the Chinese mobile or cellular telephone market. The paper is starts with an introduction which includes the aims of the research to identify the current position of Nokia in China and assess its’ level of success. The paper then undertakes an in-depth literature review looking at Nokia, its’ history and general developments and marketing strategies that have impacted on the way positioning has been developed. The literature review then considers China, the social economic and political influences and the way Nokia have developed operations in China and created their current marketing position. The paper then presents simulated primary research to assess the perception of the Nokia brand by consumers. This section includes the methodology and the presentation of the questionnaire and the results. The paper ends with a conclusion bringing together the primary research and the findings of the literature review. The bibliography cites 60 sources.

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    in China 23 3. PRIMARY RESEARCH 28 3.1 Conceptual Framework 29 3.2 Methodology 30 3.2.1 The Questionnaire 35 3.3 The Results 38 3.3.1 Questionnaire Results 38 3.3.2 Focus Group Results 44 4. CONCLUSION 46 REFERENCES 48 1. Introduction In 2006 Global Sources magazine conducted a survey assessing  the reputation of different global brands in China. The survey covered more than 20 different products and services from hotels to mobile telephones. Nokia along with China Merchants Bank, FedEx,  McKinsey and Lenovo were identified as the top five brands (Media Asia, 2006). It has been noted on many occasions that brand reputation will usually be consistent with market share  and preferred brand choice for the next purchase choice (Media Asia, 2006, Hooley et al, 2003). For a brand such as Nokia, with its origins in Finland and a slow  start in China where Ericsson gained major competitive advantages aided by its alliance and agreements with Sony, the brand perception of Nokia in 2006 indicates a successful development of market  position (Ghauri and Fang, 2001). In 1999 Erickson had a 58% market share and Nokia only a 15% market share (Ghauri and Fang, 2001). Today Nokia is the global leader  in mobile telephone sales, 11% of its sales are in China (Nokia, 2005) where the company now has a third of the market and market share is growing in a  rapidly expanding market (Yin, 2006). For Nokia, or any of the companys existing or potential competitors, understanding how the company has been able to gain this market growth with  its market positioning and strategy can be key to understanding the market and the way that they can develop future marketing and competitive strategies. 1.1 Aims of the Research The  aim of this paper is to study the market positioning of the Nokia brand in China, how this was achieved and the way in which the brand is currently managed 

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