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    North Korea and Poverty

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    In eight pages this paper discusses the intense poverty of North Korea in a consideration of what needs to be done and the government's efforts to undermine assistance. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    any outside help or even to admit there is anything wrong in the country. The cries of the North Korean people who are starving to death must be heard.  It is the noises that the political parties of other countries make that serve to drown them out. This inhumanity is the equivalent to another Holocaust. The  thesis here is that the message needs to get out to the world that these poverty-stricken North Koreans desperately need help - but that the North Korean government will have  to be circumvented to do so. THE HIDDEN POVERTY While the North Korean government carefully keeps outsiders away from the countryside where the poverty stricken people are dying, there  are some people such as doctors from other countries who are allowed to go in to help treat some of the dying masses of people. These people are the  few who are trying to spread the message to the rest of the world about the horrors they are seeing. North Korea has two populations: one is the elite and  well-off people who live in the city, and the others are those who are in the countryside dying because of their horrible lack of food, clean water, medical supplies, and  every other basic need one can imagine. While United States officials are wined and dined and told what they want to hear when they go over to visit North  Korea, just a few miles away past the city limits are armed guards who do not allow anyone to enter the poverty zone lest the world find out what is  really happening. One of the people who is most actively seeking help for these people and who has gotten permanently kicked out of the country for being so outspoken is 

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