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    This 6-page paper is a business proposal for a fictitious drug company to branch out into distributing organic vitamins. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    listed below. Citation styles constantly change, and these examples may not contain the most recent updates. PROPOSAL FOR DRUGGIE PHARACEUTICALS TO INTRODUCE ORGANIC VITAMINS Research Compiled  by 4/2010 Please Disclaimer Executive Summary Over  the years, Druggie Pharmaceuticals has built and maintained a good brand name and recognition for quality pharmaceuticals. But during the past couple of years, the sales of prescription drugs has  slipped. To try to get revenues back up to decent once again, its suggested that Druggie branch out into organic vitamins. There are  several positives in the organic vitamin market; one of which is that more people are taking vitamins to improve their health (especially baby boomers). Another advantage in this market is  that Asia is opening up as a potential good market for those who are in the industry. There is another good piece of  news for Druggie as well, namely that there is already an ideal distribution market in place to distribute its vitamins; it can use physicians and health-care providers offices for distribution  of these products (as doctors more and more are telling patients to take vitamins for health). Furthermore, alternative medicine practitioners would also be a good outlet.  Its suggested that Druggie form a joint venture with a vitamin manufacturing company to go this route, as it will lower the learning curve of moving into  this industry, while reducing capital expenses. Overview With this paper, the writer is taking on the role of a consultant to fictitious 

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