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    This 5 page paper is a SWOT analysis of the country of Panama. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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    engineering projects ever undertaken: the Panama Canal. The Canal has been central to Panamanian life ever since its construction. This paper is a SWOT analysis of the nation  of Panama. SWOT Analysis Please note: there is no right or wrong way to do a SWOT. Some people prefer charts, others use lists, others use a  simple narrative, which is the form used here. Also, and perhaps not surprisingly, some of the items identified in one category can also be found in additional categories.  This shouldnt be surprising: opportunities can also be threats, etc. Strengths: Panama has a "young, technically skilled, English-speaking labor pool" (Farpost). It remains "culturally close" to the U.S.,  has an excellent infrastructure, and is closer to the U.S. than Asia or India (Farpost). The cost of labor in Panama is much less than in more developed countries, which  means that employers can take advantage of a very talented workforce for substantially lower cost (Stoute). With regard to IT, which is of course the one field that is growing  quickly all over the globe, Panama boasts a "well-developed telecommunications infrastructure" that allows individuals to choose from among several providers for their local and long distance calling (Stoute).  Despite occasional problems, Panama retains a close relationship with the United States, which can be a great asset should difficulties arise over the Canal. Finally, Panamas greatest strength must be  the Canal itself. The Panama Canal shortens the time for transporting goods from Atlantic to Pacific (and vice versa) by days, if not weeks, saving a huge amount of  money. In addition, the Canal provides jobs for many Panamanians and is the mainstay of the countrys economy. Weaknesses: The Panamanian workforce in general appears to 

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