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    Political Power of Feminists in the US

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    This paper examines the ways in which feminism has grown in importance throughout US history. The author addresses the feminist strife to gain political power in the US. This eight page paper has five sources listed in the bibliography.

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    Feminism has gained considerable ground in politics since the days of slavery and women not having the right to vote. This interesting and detailed paper gives a thorough overview  of women and their long fought battle towards gaining political freedom in the United States. THE BEGINNING OF THE POLITICAL ARENA FOR WOMEN The idea of democracy, as our  forefathers originally intended it to represent, was that of the ultimate evolution of human life. The concept, which was just a seed when it was established in the United  States over two hundred years ago, allowed for people to make their own destinies -- to follow whatever dreams they may have kept harbored deep inside for fear that they  would never be able to make them a reality. The emphasis placed upon material well-being and individual liberties is one that bodes well with the democratic process and  is what the founders of this country sought for their fellow countrymen. When the Constitution was drafted in the eighteenth century, there was a great need for the democratic  process to prevail. Autocratic dictatorships were crushing the world, and people were subject to living their lives at the mercy of their rulers. But so too were women  at the time at the mercy of men. Women had no say so in the political outlook of the country in any shape, form or fashion. Oppressing one from  living a free life that is inherently granted to each and every person could not be any more political, for it goes against the very grain of the Constitution.  The United States of America was built upon a foundation of democracy and liberty for each and every citizen, and some did not seem to realize that included women. 

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