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    Population Density and Pathology in Human Populations

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    This is a 12 page paper that explores the density-pathology hypothesis. Studies of animal and human populations inform a research proposal to further the topic. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    in human populations have been more problematic: while a correlation can be measured, once other social variables are controlled, any significance seems to disappear from statistical analysis. Based upon the  findings and limitations of prior research, a research design is proposed to identify the specific social variables that impact the degree of correlation between population density and social pathology in  human populations. Introduction Pathological incidence of antisocial tendencies continues to be a major concern for researchers. As globalization expands the scope of commerce and standards of living increase  throughout the world, populations are increasing at a rate faster than at any other time in the planets history. Naturally, this means that people are becoming more densely "packed" in  regards to physical space, especially in urban areas where housing can be small, densely clustered, and prone to stress-inducing encounters. As population densities increase, the question of whether or not  the stresses of living in a "dense" environment contribute to social pathology is becoming increasingly important. If such proves to be the case, then it is critical that city planners,  psychologists, and everyone involved in maintaining the health and stability of a community are provided with information and begin to develop strategies to counteract the negative impacts of such trends.  As such, research into the matter is essential. This paragraph helps the student introduce the concept of population densitys relationship to social pathology. The idea that population density might  be linked to social pathology first appeared in an article by ecologist John B. Calhoun in 1962, wherein he described "the results of a macabre series of experiments conducted at  the National Institute of Mental Health" (Ramsden, 2009). In the experiments, rats were removed from their typical housings at the institute and placed into an environment of little stress or 

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