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    Positive and Negative Points in the Communist Manifesto

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    This 3 page paper focuses on two positive and two negative points which appear as a set of ten points at the end of the second chapter. Alienation is discussed. No additional sources cited.

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    all practical and provides a slew of information that reads almost like a guidebook. At the end of the second chapter in the Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels make ten  points that may be implemented in order to create a communist state. Some of the points include more than one idea, and some ideas are better than others. It appears  that the two best points made are point two and point ten. Point two is as follows: "A heavy progressive or graduated income tax" (Marx & Engels, 1848, p.PG).  In evaluating this idea in respect to the creation of a communist state, and also in general, one can see that this plan will quickly redistribute wealth. The use of  a progressive or graduated income tax is something that is fought about in contemporary politics. Should the rich pay more in taxes? Although in a communist state perhaps this idea  will not matter as much as in the capitalist state, the move towards a graduated plan is more in line with socialism or a Robin Hood ideology. By taxing the  rich at a higher rate than the poor, wealth can be shared painlessly. If this is done on a grand scale, one will really see a great deal of change  in respect to social class. Although again, this is perhaps not the most important part of communism, it is clearly the best suggestion that is universally applicable. Also, because it  is mentioned in the Communist Manifesto it is clearly part of an overall scheme of transition. It is important not to forget that Marx saw Communism as a state that  evolves. First, there is capitalism, then socialism and finally communism. This point, that there should be a change in taxation, is important to prompt the transition. Point ten is 

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