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    Presidential Power: Too Little or Too Much?

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    A 15 page outline of the many factors which affect presidential power. The author contends that the President has neither too much power no too little. Instead the power of the Presidential office revolves around the Constitutional framework which created and regulates it as well as other key political personnel and even the environment in which the President serves. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    attests, presidential power under our democratic system of government in indeed impressive. This power, however, is kept in check by a number of factors such as other key political  players and the environment in which a President is serving as well as the structure of the political system itself. While this structure and many of the political provisions  which serve to keep presidential power in check have been in place since the formation of the Constitution itself, other provisions have been put in place over the history of  our country as the need arose. The flexibility of our governmental system is thus the most important mechanism we have at our disposal to insure that the power of  our president never escalates to a level which places our country in danger of loosing our most cherished attribute, the attribute of the people holding the real power of the  nation in their own hands. The first European settlers to the New World came with the idea of a country free of religious  or dictatorial rule. They wanted freedom to live their lives as they thought best for themselves and their families. The first settlers made agreements to respect each others  rights and not establish mandatory arbitrary regulations which would deprive some citizens of their rights while affording additional rights to others. What they sought to establish was a democracy.  Indeed such a democracy, at least in a revised form, was established. At the head of this democratic system, however, sits a President. Intertwined with that position is  both a number of responsibilities and powers and a number of misunderstandings about the extent of that power. To understand the 

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