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    A 3 page research paper that offers the problem statement for a proposed research study on educating the Chinese public on the risks of high cholesterol. The rationale for the study is discussed and substantiating research is cited. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    led to a decrease in the incidence of infectious disease, this has also led to an increase in cardiovascular disease (CVD) and related chronic diseases due to changes in lifestyle  and diet (Gu, et al, 2005). Obesity is quickly becoming common in China, which is a chronic condition that has been associated with increases in cholesterol that can lead to  CVD. The dangers of cholesterol and its contribution to CVD are well known. Cholesterol is a general term that refers to a soft, waxy substance that derives from the  lipids (fats) in the bloodstream. While cholesterol is a component of all human cells and is used to build cell membranes and some hormones, when there is an excess of  cholesterol in the bloodstream, it can adhere to artery walls and build up. This process can, over time, result in narrowing arteries and restricting blood flow to the heart, causing  heart disease and increasing the risk of mortality from heart attack. In previous generations, cholesterol levels, and the incidence of CVD, were relatively low in the general Chinese  population. However, as the Chinese lifestyle and diet becomes more like the West, so too do the statistics on heart disease and cholesterol. Statistics from Hong Kong may be indicative  of what is happening in China, as Fu (2001) reports that the prevalence of CVD increased from 38.6 percent in 1972 to 59.4 percent in 1992. Yet, research indicates that  public awareness of the risks for high risk factors for CVD remain low and Chinese physicians are not required to conduct cholesterol testing as part of routine physical exams. According  to Gu, et al (2005) CVD has reached epidemic proportions in China within the last few decades. This problem, however, has failed to be addressed properly in the country thus 

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