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    Proposal for Governments Hosting Multinational Corporations

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    This 6 page paper takes a look at the globalization issue and presents ways in which a minister of trade might discuss the problem and provide solutions. A hypothetical situation provided by a student is utilized in this tutorial. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    organized by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTD), a great deal of preparation would be in order. Because the editor of The Journal of International Business Studies  is interested in publishing the best papers to emanate from the conference, the trade minister should do a great deal of research first. A student writing on this subject will  want to initially provide background information on the topic of the conference which is "The relationship between host government and multinational corporations: Mutual dependency, domination or exploitation?" A student  may use this specific hypothetical situation as a springboard to discuss the controversy over multinationals in general. In order to be selected by the editor as a prime choice for  inclusion in the journal, the minister would want to make sure that his speech is specific and compelling. He would want to persuade the audience that globalization does not help  Kontika, but offer suggestions to resolve difficulties. If the minister of trade can make a case for inclusion, with modifications, such a proposal might appease both sides and be attractive  to the editor as well. A student will want to point out that the globalization debate is not new. Many think that the presence of multinationals does not  help developing countries. Rather, it hurts them. In making an argument against globalization, the minister of trade in this example will want to look at the experience of other nations.  African countries have been the focus of much debate surrounding globalization. Some suggest that globalization can help the African nations but in fact, there is a sentiment  that says the influence of multinationals has actually hurt these small countries. After all, companies want to make money and that is why they open factories in places such as 

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