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    Proposal for Research on the Development of Sustainable Banking in Sub-Sahara Africa

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    This 20 page paper is the starting point for a research project to assess the way in which sustainable banking may be encouraged in sub-Sahara Africa. The paper presents a background to the problem, problem statement and purpose statement as well as looking at the limitations of the study, basic methodology and a literature review. The bibliography cites 30 sources.

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    Question 8 Theoretical or Conceptual Framework 8 Definition of Terms 9 Assumptions, Limitations, and Delimitations 10 Assumptions 10 Limitations 10 Delimitations 11 Significance of the Study 11 Reduction of Gaps 11 Implications for Social Change 12 A Review of the  Professional and Academic Literature 12 Transition and Summary 18 References 20 Section 1: Foundation of the Study The banking industry has a potentially  significant role to aid development in poor areas such as Sub-Saharan Africa (Prasad, 2011; UNEP FI, 2007). Banking institutions may be able to help individuals set up businesses as  well as aid in the creation of a solid financial framework which will support ongoing sustainable economic development (Conley and Williams, 2011). While there is a general recognition of  the potential benefits, little research has been undertaken on a practical level examining the way this may be implemented in Sub-Sahara Africa (UNEP FI, 2009). The research will be  undertaken to a facilitate an examination of way in which sustainable banking may be implemented in Sub- Sahara Africa to support development, which will aid with long-term economic development  in the country and benefit the local citizens as well as meet the banks needs (Conley and Williams, 2011). It is essential that both these citizen and banking institution  needs are met for any financial or economic policies that are put into place be successful (Hugenschmidt, Janssen, Kermode and Schumacher 2011). Economic development is a social need, but  the financial resources in many sub-Saharan countries are insufficient to stimulate this development naturally (Onumah and Acquah, 2011; UNEP FI, 2009). This situation means there are potentially many investment opportunities  for the banks which have access to the required financial resources; but banks will only aid with investment to help with the development need if they are able to make 

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