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    Proposal for a Intervention Program to Support the Mental Health of Vietnamese Refugees in a Community

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    This 8 page paper is a proposal for the development of intervention program to improve the mental health of Vietnamese refugees by providing a workshop for program to facilitate the sharing of experiences in a safe and culturally sensitive environment. The bibliography cites 11 sources.

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    3.3 Long Term Support 7 4. Costing 7 5. Implementation 8 6. Evaluation 8 7. Conclusion 9 References 10 1. Executive Summary A program is proposed to increase support for the adult Vietnamese refugee community within the  local authority, and support good mental health, helping to prevent future mental health issues in a community where there appears to be a high incidence level. The utilization of the  workshop program for up to 20 in these refugees, supported by a community group, has the aim of providing a safe environment to facilitate the sharing of negative and positive  experiences and to develop increased social ties between community members. 2. Introduction 2.1 Background There is a wealth of research which indicates a link between mental healthy issues and refugee  populations, with specific reference asylum seekers and those leaving a worn torn or politically unstable environment being more prone to mental illnesses (Silove et al., 2007, Silove, 2004). As wealthy  Caucasian migrants to Australia, who have been screened with reference to skills equipments do not appear to indicate any increased prevalence to metal illnesses the issue appears to be related  not only to the move and the way in which settlement in a new country is taking place, the problem is linked not just to the move, but the circumstances  under which the individual became a refugee. In general terms for all migrants the potential mental issues will reflect of the individuals own background culture with exacerbating factors present when  there are issues such as trauma, torture and separation (Silove et al., 2007, Silove, 2004). Concerns regarding situations in their home nation, separation issues, as well as stressors associated with  gaining asylum and potential racism are all stressors which have a correlation with anxiety and depression (Silove, 2004). This is an issue that requires consideration for the long term well 

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