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    A 10 page research paper, in which the writer/tutor offers a student advice concerning the methodology section for a proposed research study. The writer, first of all, states the parameters of the proposed study and then discusses assessment instrument selection and the basics in statistical methods of evaluating results. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

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    offense patterns (Lakey, 1994). A goal of therapy is to aid the individual in distinguishing between the offender and the offense, so that the individual takes responsibility while also acknowledging  the human potential for change. In order to accomplish these therapy goals, the offender must learn to empathize with the victim and see beyond his immediate self-centered interests. Then, the  offender "must experience feelings of guilt and enough self-disgust...that he recognizes and stays away from high-risk situations" because he has no desire to add to his guilt by further victimizing  others (Lakey, 1994, p. 756). Accomplishing these goals in treatment programs has taken many forms--lectures, discussion, exercises, instructional videos, movies, written and oral treatment assignments, role playing and  keeping daily journals (Lakey, 1994). Hearing or reading testimonials from victims have also been used to sensitize offender to the pain that their actions produce (Lakey, 1994). Research indicates that  most sex offenders have the capacity to be empathic, but that they withhold empathy for their victim (Sex Offender Treatment, 2004). Therefore, empathy training plays a crucial role in treatment  as it breaks down this resistance. The methodology for this proposed sex offender study will endeavor to determine which of three interventions produces the greatest change in empathy/guilt levels. This  study will involve three groups of between 6 and 8 sex offenders. The student researching this topic should note that, ideally, this section should include demographic details concerning the study  sample population, that is, average age (or at least, if they above 18), racial percentages, etc. This should include whether or not the men are incarcerated or if their cooperation  in a treatment program is court-ordered. In the first trial, the researchers will administer the empathy assessment instrument with no intervention. The second trial will be held approximately two 

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