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    Psychiatric Case Study : An Analysis Using Freudian Theory

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    This 10 page paper provides an overview of Freudian's theory of the Id, Ego and Superego and applies it to a fictitious case study. The case involves a religious woman. Religion and sexuality are examined as it respects Freudian thought. Freud's own struggle with religion is touched on. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    well as helpful in understanding psychology. In using Freuds paradigm, a great deal of information may be gleaned. Although many criticize Freudian thought, as psychology has seemed to progress way  beyond the Id, Ego and Superego, it seems that basic Freudian ideas are alive and well and can be very useful in analyzing situations. Hogan (1996) suggests that an explanation  as to why Freudian theory is alive is that, despite flaws, it represents a compelling framework to ponder the mysterious self. According to Peter Gay, Freuds conception of  human nature had yet to be matched by any other theory (1996). Indeed, Freudian psychology can help to unravel the mysteries deep within the psyche and unlike more modern  theories that go to cognition, Freud relies on symbolism and thought in the deep ravages of the subconscious. Here, Freuds theories add to a legitimacy that is sorely needed in  psychology today. The discipline has gotten away from basic Freudian models, and it is important to embrace Sigmund Freuds ideas with an open mind. II. Freudian Psychology Sigmund Freud  is perhaps the best known theorist in psychology. Freuds tradition envelops the idea that childhood is very significant and that the mind is comprised of Id, Ego and Superego.  He is perhaps best known for his claims that psychoanalysis is the key to understanding the self. Unlike forms of psychology which emerged subsequently, psychoanalysis was a mainstay during  his time. Freuds delving into the unconscious is what he is best known for and his separating the mind into three distinct parts paved the way for a new way  to look at human development and behavior. The ego is a part of the mind which civilizes the Id and helps negotiate transactions between Id and the outer world (McLeish, 

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