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    This 3 page paper is the outline of a power point presentation of a qualitative research study, with a focus on two areas of the study and the presentation of three slides with data collection and data analysis information. Bibliography lists 1 source. Please contact the office to ensure that you receive the power point slides after ordering this paper.

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    Tape Recorded, Transcribed and Qualitative Content Analysis Applied Addressed the Topic and Provided a Forum for Authentic Data Collection Speaker Notes: The researchers collected data from their subjects, which were  5 men and 5 women between 66-75 years of age all of whom had experienced a stroke. In order to gain insight into a range of different nursing care  problems, the researchers used an open-ended interview process and a guided approach that covered the following topics: "eating difficulties, impaired bladder and bowel function, hygiene, immobilization, communication difficulties and increased  need for rest and sleep" (Andersson & Hansebo, 2009, p. 2040). The researchers also used follow-up questions to support elaboration on specific topics, and the conversations were tape-recorded, transcribed  and content analysis was applied. The data collected was conversational and the researchers allowed for a range of information, elements consistent with the qualitative approach. The data  collection process was based on the need to create an in-depth view of the perspectives of stroke patients and integrate their personal experiences, and this was the best and most  appropriate data collection process for this kind of study. Slide: Data Collection: Human Subjects and Saturation According to Swedish Law Permission from University and Clinic Subjects Signed Informed Consent  Confidentiality Assured Unidentifiable Data Presented in Narrative Form Quotations Used with Care. Convenience Sampling Speaker Notes: The researchers identified the fact that by Swedish law at the time  of the study, there was no requirement for review by an ethics committee for their study, though they took great care to ensure that human subject populations were treated ethically.  They received permission for the study by the university and the stroke clinic, and provided all subjects with informed consent, which included both oral and written statements that participation 

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