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    A 20 research paper that answers specific questions that pertain to qualitative research. The writer particularly draws on Creswell's discussion of the five traditions of qualitative research. Bibliography lists 16 sources.

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    legitimate and worth investigation. When researchers use qualitative methodology, they are "embracing the idea of multiple realities" (Creswell "Qualitative Inquiry" 16). Each individual tends to see the world and reality  differently. This is why eyewitness accounts of the same auto accident inevitably differ. The close relationship of the research to that being researched: This epistemological assumption refers to the  manner in which researchers endeavor to close the gap between their understanding of reality and the perspective of their participants. An example of this is when anthropologists live within the  culture in order to learn customs, mores, etc. The value-laden aspect of inquiry: Axiological assumptions acknowledge that the researchers own biases necessarily color the way in which data is  interpreted. In other words, while researchers quote participants, this necessarily entails that their remarks are filtered through the cognition of the researcher. For example, a researchers middle-class background could possibly  affect the way in which that individual interprets a poor persons experience if personal values are left unexamined. The personal approach to writing the narrative: As a goal  of qualitative research is to convey personalized views of reality accurately, researchers tend to "embrace the rhetorical assumption" that their writing should be both personal and literal (Creswell "Qualitative  Inquiry" 18). This aids the researcher is presenting data in an accurate and personalized fashion that helps the reader discern not only the participants worldview but also that of the  researcher. The emerging inductive methodology of the process of research: Qualitative researchers use inductive logic, as they allow pattern that arise within the data determine the further questions  and thematic concerns. This approach focuses on the lived-experience of the participants rather than the preconceptions of the researcher. (B) Reaction to Creswells chart: Reading this chart, numerous difficulties 

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