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    Reality and relativism

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    A ten page paper which looks at social psychology theories concerned with the concepts of realism and relativism, particularly in relation to empirical and subjective research methodologies. Bibliography lists 10 sources

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    in which knowledge about reality can be acquired form an essential element of both types of study. It could be argued, for instance, that the individual can arrive at an  understanding of the world through logic and rationality alone, or by collecting and analysing empirical data, a methodology which relies primarily on observation of phenomena. In both cases, the a  priori assumption is that there is one basic reality and it is possible, though different methods of study, to establish what constitutes this reality. However, from a relativistic point of  view, there is no such thing as a single, true reality: instead, each individual constructs their own version of reality which holds valid truth for themselves but not necessarily for  others. It is evident that realism and relativism constitute the opposite ends  of a fairly broad spectrum: at one end, realism states that there is a single truth which can be discovered, at the other, relativism asserts that all that can be  known by each individual is their personal construct of reality. In between there is a considerable grey area within which some things can be ascertained as categorically true whereas others  can not. When one considers the important role played by sensory  perception in assessing reality, it is clear that even assuming what we assimilate through sensory data is real is debatable in itself. A hallucination, having no basis whatsoever in physical  reality, can have as significant an impact on behaviour as something which is physically present, and the way in which we interpret sensory data can lead to false conclusions being 

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