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    Research Principles and Proposal for Poverty Research Topic

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    This is a 12 page paper that provides an overview of research methodology. It also presents a research proposal for the correlation between social work and reduction of poverty. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    reviewed journals, and the beginning of new discourse based on that research. However, the value derived from research is only made possible because of a standardized methodology for high-level research  that ensures that results are acquired in meaningful and useful manners, and that the information presented is both accurate and verifiable. As useful as this standardization is, however, it does  present one potential drawback, which is that it can make the process of research and writing research reports esoteric to some people. That said, it is vitally important to understand  the concepts and terminology related to professional-level academic research and the presentation of that research in formal papers. Terms and Research Concepts This section of the paper  helps the student explain many research terms and concepts. To begin with, all research begins with some form of observation and experimentation, and all experimentation makes use of variables. Variables  are the aspects of a research narrative which tend to change. In the context of a scientific experiment, it is essential to know and understand the difference. To put it  simply, an independent variable is that aspect of the experiment that a researcher changes in a controlled manner. The dependent variable is that which is changed by the independent variable.  For example, suppose one wanted to determine the impact of light on the growth rate of plants. One might begin by acquiring two identical (cloned) plants, and then subjecting one  to 8 hours of light and the other to 12 hours of light. The amount of light would be the independent variable, since it is being altered by the researcher.  The growth rate of the plants would be the dependent variable. It is important to recognize that there should only be one independent variable in any given experiment, because if 

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