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    Research Proposal: Improving the Retention of Non-Traditional Students

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    This is a 10 page paper that provides an overview of non-retention and non-traditional students. A structured interview design is established, supported, and its value to institutional policy is emphasized. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

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    who wish to enter into these competitive markets, whatever they might be. This presents a significant problem for non-traditional and minority students, who traditionally face difficulties matriculating from college or  university. Moreover, in terms of the national economy, the influx of diversity has been stymied by the failure of universities to retain non-traditional and minority students, making the issue even  more pressing. This paper will present a proposal for research into the causes of the non-retention of non-traditional students, ultimately geared towards suggesting recommendations to college and university administration for  the improvement of retention strategies. Research Problem This section of the paper helps the student present a broad overview of the research problem to be studied. The  problem of non-retention of non-traditional students is not new. In fact, it is the subject of a great deal of existing research and literature (Fincher, 2010; York, 2004; Andres &  Carpenter, 1997). While there has been a historical trend towards non-retention for students of a minority or non-traditional status, it is now more important than ever to look at the  issue from the context of what educational institutions are doing to combat the problem, and how they can become more effective in that role. Much of the existing research  reflects an overwhelming degree of consensus as to the primary causes of non-retention. The first of the major causes that are typically agreed upon is material difficulties in paying for  college. To be sure, much financial aid exists, but this aid is often predominately merit-based, and can be quite difficult to access for students who didnt receive adequate high school  preparation, international transfer students, or adult learners who must balance school with the demands of a job or raising children (Stolar, 1991; Fincher, 2010; York, 2004). The second major 

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