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    Research Proposal: Women in WWII

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    A 14 page research proposal involving a study of women in WWII. Bibliography lists 30 sources.

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    mothers, wives, lovers, sisters, daughters, nurses, pilots, workers, and essentially involved themselves in all aspects of the war and war efforts. The following paper presents a research proposal that involves  the study of women, all types of women, during WWII. Statement Women were everywhere during WWII. They were not just women  on the homefront, or women working in factories to keep the country alive. They were women overseas working in the field of medicine, women from various cultures in America working  for war efforts, and even pilots. They are, more often than not, an aspect of WWII study that is neglected or stereotyped such as through Rosie the Riveter depictions.  Purpose The purpose of this study is to uncover the depth and the influence seen through the involvement of women during  WWII. It is not simply a proposal that sets out to prove that women were pilots, or that Rosie the Riveter kept America economically alive during the war years. It  is a proposal whose purpose is to demonstrate the depth of womens involvement in WWII. In so doing further research may be prompted in this field while women who were  alive during the time period are still alive. And, perhaps through further research women can begin to be seen more diversely as it involves issues of war, economics, medicine and  other issues. Significance This sort of study is significant for many reasons. As mentioned, too often a study of women in  WWII is limited to Rosie the Riveter, or the study of women at home, or the study of women in the Red Cross, etc. They are essentially researched and studied 

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