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    Research Proposal for Sustainable Banking

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    This 9 page paper is a research proposal to examine the way banks may increase their lending activity to sustainable development investments in Sub Sahara Africa. The proposal identifies the research problem and research question, looks at the way the research may take place and identifies the desired result of the research. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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    of the Study 9 References 10 1. Abstract The research being proposed has the aim of providing practical support that will aid sustainable economic development in Sub Sahara Africa by finding ways  that barriers preventing lending taking place may be overcome to banks can aid more local and national businesses. There is a general agreement that more support is needed from banks  to provide funds to stimulate and accelerate economic development in this area, and that external aid from international banks is needed due to the lack of internal resources. If  banks are to increase funds available for loans to sustainable business development projects it is necessary to identify the barriers which are currently in place, an find ways that the  barrier may be overcome or new ways of business may be developed that satisfy the need of the businesses and the banks (which is assumed require a profit). The research  will be undertaken with qualitative basis inkling interviews of banking officials and an assessment of relevant literature to create a new business model, based on the concepts of disruptive innovation  and corporate social responsibility. It is envisaged threat the results of the research may provide a spring board for increased loan facilitated to be made available to support increased economic  development which will have a significant positive impact on the social environment and the standard of living many poor people in the area as well as helping to provide profits  for the banks. 2. Foundation of the Study The banking industry has a significant role in aiding development in poor areas, such as Sub Sahara Africa. Banking instructions will  help to make finding available for setting up businesses as well as aid in the creation of a solid financial framework. The aim of this research will be to examine 

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