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    This 5 page paper makes a proposal to create a luxury urban resort in the heart of New York City. Competitors are evaluated. The hotel to be built is described in detail. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    one were to build a large hotel in New York City it might be targeted to business travelers or tourists, and one could choose any age parameter or type as  a target market. Yet, if one were to build a casino in Atlantic City, the market would be mostly adult oriented and would cater to people of a variety of  socioeconomic backgrounds. The New York alternative would likely gear its hotel to more elite travelers. For arguments sake, it will be supposed that an investor wants to build a luxury  hotel in New York City. Midtown is likely the best location, particularly if it is near the park. This will attract a variety of tourists. The specific target market would  be upper income, young to middle aged couples who are on vacation. The resort would be large and in order to accomplish this in the city, it would have to  be tall. In discussing this fictitious hotel, it would be helpful to give it a name. It might be called Skylight Towers. The owner arraignment of this business will likely  depend on how many investors and stake holders are involved, but most likely it will be considered as a privately held corporation. In order to create a hotel of  this caliber, it is important to look at the competition. What other hotels in the area would appeal to the same market, and how can the new venture steal customers  from the competitors? One hotel that is perhaps similar to this new model is the Barbizon Hotel & Towers located on 63rd street. Its lobby is tastefully decorated in Art  Deco style with marble and limestone flooring ("Barbizon" PG). Another competitor is Hotel Inter-Continental and is located on 48th Street. This long standing structure was once called the Barclay Hotel 

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