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    This 8 page paper is based on a case study supplied by the student. Riordan manufacturing has seen decreasing sales and fluctuating profits. To combat this changes have been made that have resulted in a deterioration of motivation levels. This paper carried out a gap analysis, looking at what the problems are, the aims of the company and the stakeholder perspectives in order to identify the gaps that exist and consider how they may be rectified. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

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    innovative workforce in order to innovate and create value that can be passed on, especially in terms of the sales and R&D departments. However, undertaking this at a time  when there are increasing costs and falling profits may also be seen as risky as it is increasing rather than cutting costs. In order to assess the situation and the  current gaps we need to look at the company and its current situation and issues as well as the preserves of the stakeholders and vision of the company. It is  only when these are considered that the gaps can be identified. Riordan manufacturing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Riordan Industries. The company is a manufacturing company employing 550  people across four sites; Albany manufacturing plastic beverage containers, Pontiac and the manufacture of the custom plastic parts, some manufacturing is taking place in Hangzhou in China where plastic fan  parts are being manufacturing. The final site is in San Jose is the head office and also the location of the research and development. Riordan sells mainly to other  businesses including the defense industry, automotive companies and aircraft manufacturers, and appliance manufacturers. The earnings estimate is $46 million, and is fighting to survive. There have been a number  of changes in the way that the company works as a result of seeking to compete in the changing environment. The use of customer service teams rather than individual salespeople  looking after customers has been one change. The sales teams are cross division and consist of a sales person, an engineer and a customer services rep. The main issue  at the current time is that of motivation and the lack of motivations that has emerged after a series of changes have been made throughout the company. The problem may 

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