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    Risk Assessment of Four Nuclear Plant Designs

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    The UK government has given the go-ahead to the building of a new generation of nuclear power stations. Four designs are being assessed; the Areva EPR, Westinghouse AP1000, Candu ACR 1000 and GE ESBWR. This 17 page paper looks at each of these deigns and their safety features, consider the use of probabilistic risk assessment is outline and an event tree is presented for a large lost of coolant event. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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    required, it is for this reason that the government has given the go-ahead to the building of a new generation of nuclear power stations (BBC News, 2008). The plans are  to maintain the current proportional level of electricity generation, companies are 20%. Companies were invited to submit plans for the new generation of nuclear power plants which need to be  built, four designs which was submitted have been determined as meeting the relevant criteria to go on to the first stage of assessment (BBC News, 2008).  One of the main issues, and public concerns, regarding the generation of power using nuclear technology, is safety. Safety is an issue for any power plant; it  is a specific concern in terms of nuclear power due to the potential scale of any disaster, as seen with Chernobyl. Parts of the assessment regarding which nuclear power plants  will be built will be based on the safety issues and the risks that are presented with each of the designs. During the  submission process there will be a range of data that is kept confidential, and not released into the public domain. Commercial secrets would include details regarding some aspects of the  designs of the four contenders, including some risks and safety aspects. The four contenders are the Areva EPR, Westinghouse AP1000, Candu ACR  1000 and GE ESBWR. These are four different designs from four different providers. In order to consider risk and safety each of these needs to be considered separately. 2. The Potential  Designs Risks will be present in any of the designs which are approved. The way these are assessed, the sequel depend on number of factors, there will be risks 

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