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    A 4 page paper 6 general questions about system development. Question topics include system development life cycle (SDLC); why project planning usually comes before analysis and design; STRADIS and DISE methodologies; prototype as part of an SDLC; and metrics that can be used during SDLC. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    Management should be concerned with total cost, business process effects and ensuring that the company chooses the best option available to it.  These considerations are important at the outset and in making initial decisions such as whether to proceed to the point of initiating an IT project, but they also apply  to long-term issues. Total cost encompasses far more than only the cost of purchase (or programmers), implementation and maintenance. Will it allow  the company to add new employees at a slower rate, or better yet, will it enable avoiding hiring a certain number of people as the business grows? Is the  package a complex one (such as one used in computer-aided manufacturing) that will need a babysitter that the company will have to hire and keep? Will it be a  solution or a problem? B Discuss why does project planning usually come before analysis and design? Assess the limitations of performing project planning prior to systems analysis and design  Project planning comes before analysis and design because those two factors need to be a part of the project plan. They are components of  the plan and so generally need to follow creation of the base plan. Further, beginning project planning first allows issues identified by analysis to be incorporated into the design.  Limitations of this approach include the potential for being "surprised" by the analysis phase and coming to realize that the organization actually needs  a much more involved project than it has planned. The company then is faced with the decision of whether to expand the project or segregate newly-identified issues to create 

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