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    SMEs and Banking in Saudi Arabia; Methodology and Findings Paper

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    This 18 page paper looks art a research project to assess the level of banking provision made by Saudi Arabian banks for small and medium sized enterprises. The paper gives an in-depth methodology, discusses why certain approaches were adopted and others rejected and justifies the use of the research tool and discusses the sampling considerations. The paper then demonstrates the way the results can be presented using data supplied by the student. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

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    2 Sources of Fiannce 14 Figure 3 Banking services used 15 Figure 4 Satisfaction levels 16 Figure 5 Bank approach to SMEs 17 1. Introduction  This paper will examine the importance and position of SMEs in terms of cooperate and commercial banking in Saudi Arabia and assess the  way in which the needs of the SMEs are meet by the banking industry. The approach will be based on proven methodologies applied to the market, starting with an in-depth  literature review followed by primary research. This paper will concentrate on the research methodologies for the primary research. 2. Research Methodology Before research is undertaken it is important to determine  the general approach that is to be used. Looking at the goals that are to be attend and the way research can help attain these goals. 2.1 Research Framework  Eriksson and Wiedersheim-Paul (1997) state that the purpose of the research is to tell the readers of the paper the intentions of the study  and how these results can be utilised. With the understanding of the purpose the methodological design can take place. There are  three general structures that can be used in research terms; exploratory, descriptive and explanatory (Eriksson and Wiedersheim-Paul, 1997). Where there is a problem and the purpose of the study is  to increase the understanding of that problem the exploratory approach can be very useful (Saunders et al, 2000). This is an approach that looks at gathering the basic data regarding  the problem and the scenario and has the aim of developing that knowledge and proposition that can then be used for further research (Yin, 1994). 

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