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    This 20-page paper examines examples of two research methodologies (interpretative and quantitative) through examining two sociological studies. Questions asked include limitations of these studies, as well as whether the methodologies used were the correct ones. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    Because sociology is a "soft" science with few tangibles, such guidelines are important to know and understand. Though hard data is often used during some studies, the guidelines are important  to helping keep sociology and its study as a relevant science. Still, within a sociology framework, there are many different types of  approaches, research methods, analysis and statistical definitions -- but fitting the right method to the right research is pretty much the job of the sociologist when he/she conducts a research  study. If a sociologist has the right study but the wrong method of going about it, the results could be botched and the wrong interpretation put forward of a certain  type of behavior or event. In this paper, well analyze two examples of published social research (based on two separate studies, will  describe and analyze the research approach/methodology used in each one and describe the strengths and limitations of each approach -- and determine why the researchers thought that particular approach the  best for the situation. Well also determine whether or not the methods used for the particular research are the correct ones. Finally,  well conclude with the relevance of each example when it comes to practice or formation of social welfare policy. While much of  our information will be taken from the two articles submitted, well also supply some definitions and important factors when it comes to sociology to promote the readers better understanding of  whats going on in terms of tools that can be used for sociology research, writing and understanding. Its not the intent of 

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